Bike Flight

The only experience of its kind in Puerto Vallarta, you can purchase the tour with transportation or arrive on your own. Maximum safety lines, protective equipment and an expert guide, ready to give you an experience that will be fantastic, full of emotions and above all completely safe.



9 pools in the middle of the mountains, the thermal waters provide relaxing effects for those who immerse themselves in them, the heat and its richness in mineral compounds give the body a sense of peace while your body is filled with life.



As you enter, the mountain and all the silence will comfort your soul. Come closer and you will find beautiful animals such as white-tailed deer, squirrels, wild boars and many species of birds. Walk with caution and affection to feel a connection with the environment. As a sporting activity hiking is excellent, this walk brings you closer to the natural environment, you get to know your surroundings while you exercise and breathe fresh air.



Every day at 9:00 a.m. you can enjoy the traditional pajarete, a traditional Jalisco drink prepared with cow's milk (freshly milked), chocolate, sugar, marzipan, vanilla and 96 proof alcohol. Dare to try this drink, native to the ranches of the coast of Jalisco.